Fighting Back Against Active Shooters

Pat Dollard has the story out of San Jose (from KPIX).  Check it out, watch the video, and then listen to me…

The ideas are all well and good — if you’re unarmed, look for a way out (run), look for a place to hide that can be secured, or if all else fails, fight back.  But fighting back with office supplies and furniture is easier said than done.  In the end, gun free zones need to be abolished.  They never prevent a criminal from showing up with a gun.  I just don’t get why people don’t understand this.  If you were running down the street, being chased by a criminal with a gun and you suddenly run into a gun free zone, will that criminal say, “Oh, it’s a gun free zone.  I better not go there, because now I’m really in trouble!”

It’s utter nonsense to believe in gun free zones.  The person who brings a firearm into a gun free zone and starts shooting up the place is already so far gone that breaking that one additional law isn’t going to matter.

In any case, California needs to become a shall issue concealed carry state.  Allow law-abiding citizens greater access to a CCW permit.  Right now the state is a may issue concealed carry state, meaning your odds of obtaining one are pretty slim.

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