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How to End the Gun Debate Forever.

Then read the last comment to get an idea of the “all-in” anti-gun douchebag.

And your notion of “erosion of freedoms” regarding assault rifles is a tired,  weak argument. You also aren’t allowed a thermonuclear device, panzer tank or rocket propelled grenade. Is that the fault of the liberals? where do you draw the line?

It’s only “tired” and “weak” because the commenter says so.  First, this moron doesn’t know what an “assault rifle” is.  It’s not an AR-15.  Second, his examples get into the area of explosives.  Why would anyone want to protect themselves or property with a nuclear weapon?  Talk about self defeating.

I’ve said it before — the black rifle is a target by doucheturds like this because it’s easy to make people afraid of it.  Nevermind the fact that those killed by them are a very, very tiny fraction of all gun deaths.

This dolt missed the entire point of the piece.

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