So You Get The Guns, Then What?

Lots of people on the left (of course) are lining up against gun ownership.  Some claim they want “reasonable” restrictions on firearms.  Let’s run down the list:

  • “High capacity” magazine bans – check (nevermind they are really against standard capacity magazines)
  • “Assault weapon” bans – check (assault weapon apparently equals a rifle with certain cosmetic features that does no more than other semi-automatic rifles)
  • Universal background checks – check (nevermind criminals typically do nut subject themselves to said checks)

They’ll even admit that it probably won’t do much to prevent a future crime.  But you see, it’s all about saving that “one child” (hey, if they really wanted to do things to save at least one life they’d go after liquor or CAFE standards).

Let’s take it a step further — you can see that many of these folks want to eliminate all guns.  Dianne Feinstein admitted this years ago.  Let’s say they do, then what?

The leftists fantasy comes true — all guns have been confiscated.  No wait, not all guns.  Remember, they just couldn’t get the guns from those who didn’t submit to registration and confiscation.

Now they must deal with this question: how many times has a legal gun been used to prevent a crime?

Thousands.  Of course now those crimes just won’t be prevented.

How about people who didn’t die because they had a gun?  No prevention there.

But hey, if they can save just one life, isn’t it worth doing?

In their fantasy world, only the law-abiding are disarmed.  Now the criminals have all the guns.  And remember, one thing we absolutely do not have is the Constitutional right to be protected by the police.  Ahh liberal utopia.

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